GHOSTS by Kiirstin Marilyn
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In October of 2011, Kiirstin Kuhi found herself at a crossroads.

She had served as the dynamic front person and co-songwriter for several different bands since 2005, from progressive post-hardcore band Ground to Machine to genre-bending piano rock band Verity In Stereo. Inspired and motivated by the successes of each act but seeking to grow as an artist, Kiirstin Marilyn was born.

For her debut EP, Something to Die For, Kiirstin enlisted the producing talents of Brian DeNeeve (From Autumn To Ashes, touring guitarist for The Wanted) and Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw; Men, Women, and Children). Something to Die For became an intensely personal venture that nonetheless defies the notion of genre boundaries. Mixing big-band orchestration, hip-hop percussion, R&B melodies, and vocals that soar from Jazz Age crooning to heartbreaking intimacy and everything between, Kiirstin crafted a sound as eclectic and remarkable as the woman herself - deeply grounded in musical history yet endlessly inventive. After debuting her EP at the legendary Bitter End in March of 2012 she went on to win her second RAW: Musician of the Year award, toured regionally in the US as well as internationally with shows in London, England, Toronto, Canada, and the YouBloom festival in Dublin, Ireland.

In the summer of 2014, Kiirstin began working with producer Benny Reiner on a sophomore EP effort that would eventually be entitled Ghosts. Once again with lyrics that are intensely personal and music that reflects her artistic growth, Kiirstin Marilyn will release her single "The Struggle" on November 17th with Spectra Music Group.

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Live at Raw Artists Boston

Something to Die For

Live at Webster Hall


"I really like her stuff. Her voice is unique, different and refreshing."
Tom Parker, The Wanted

"She is amazing!"
Jay McGuiness, The Wanted

"...Kiirstin [has a] beautiful voice... Enjoying the tunes..."
Johnny Minardi, A&R Fueled By Ramen

"She is really amazing. I like her sound alot. Great Tunes. Really good stuff."
Dave Briggs, The Cab

"Betty Page + Betty Boop + Marilyn Monroe = Kiirstin Marilyn"

"she definitely and defiantly took it to the next level. This is a transitional project that assures the public will have no choice but to indulge in her melodies and harmonic voice as it flows through this maze of emotional lyrics and heart gripping highs and lows…"

"...Kiirstin Marilyn can sure belt a tune."

"Kiirstin has an unearthly sound, in the most non-insulting way I can imagine. Her sound and style are about to change the course of music. It’s rhythmically expressive and experimental with musical structures that fuse the styles from way back when and present day sounds into gloomy, moody, atmospheric experiences. And after all of that, it somehow becomes enveloped in a package of contemporary hip beats that take her songwriting and lyrics to fascinating art altitudes. Let’s just say she is distinctive and addicting. Not that this matters by any means, but she also has the look. A lovely young woman with exceptional style who can sing? What else could you ask for? I thoroughly enjoy her music to its entirety. Every song is strikingly dissimilar from the last, and each feels like an experiment gone incredibly right. It’s refreshing to hear a genre-breaking artist, for she has a little bit of everything. Two of my favorite tracks are “Radioactive” and “For Peace.” However, do not let those two tracks distract you from all of her other great music. Music lovers of any and all genres do yourself a favor and check her out, for you will not regret it."
Maria Mar, Jersey Rock / The Aquarian Weekly / 95.9 The Wrat